Welcome to VFW Post 2246
315 North Washington Street
Rome, New York

                                          Commander                                Paul Evans
                                          Sr. Vice Commander                 Alan Dobransky
                                          Jr. Vice Commander                  Reginald Walker
                                          Quarter Master                            William Brain     
                                          Adjutant                                        Bill Smith     
                                          Chaplain                                       Nelson Robinson
                                         Judge Advocate                           Ron Bambury
                                         Post Surgeon                               Larry Thompson
                                        Guard                                            Bramwell Howell
                                        Officer of the Day                         Frank Woznicki
                                        Service Officer                             Sam D'ruso
                                        Historian                                       Reggie Walker
                                        Post Trustee, 3 Years                 Ron Barry
                                        Post Trustee, 2 Years                 David Young
                                        Post Trustee, 1 Year                   Bob Hughes
                                                 Board of Directors

                                         President                                      Paul Evans
                                         Vice President                             Alan Dobransky
                                         Secretary                                      Frank Woznicki
                                         Treasurer                                      Jim Connors
                                         Asst. Treasurer                            Frank Mumford
                                         Dave Young                                 Bill Smith
                                         Eddie Marsh                                Luther Pugh
                                         Pete Dangelo                              Willie Fletcher                                     
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